Sunday, 23 November 2014

Aljunied Resident Reveals Misuse of S&CC Funds

In a letter to WP's Mr Low Thia Khiang which first appeared on The Real Singapore on 17 May 2013, an Aljunied resident speaks up on the misuse of S&CC funds.
Is the Worker's Party (WP) wasting public funds on an ‘ego trip’ by replacing the existing direction boards erected by the previous Town Council with its own yellow and red ones at the entrance of car parks in Aljunied GRC, asked an irate resident Mr How who stays at Hougang Street 21.
Mr How, a resident of Aljunied GRC for 20 years wrote that he was ‘perturbed’ at the Workers Party changing all the sign and direction boards in the GRC after it came to power in May last year.
“I have been living here for a long time and the previous boards with blue background and words in white are still in good condition. I don’t understand why WP has to change all of them to its color of yellow and red. Are they doing this to show off to the world that Aljunied GRC is now under WP?”
Even the lighted signboards depicting the block numbers of every block were replaced with new ones bearing the colors of WP:
Mr How said he called Aljunied-Hougang Town Council to inquire about the matter, but was told that it is within the jurisdiction of the Town Council to change the sign boards.
“I don’t understand why there is a need to change everything when they are still in working condition. How much does it cost us? And was there an open tender called?” Mr How fumed.
From our understanding, erecting a board of the size in the first photo above will cost between $400 – $600.
The Workers Party should explain to Aljunied residents why they have to change all the signboards at the flats and carparks to its color of red and yellow when there are nothing absolutely wrong with the previous ones. Are they spending public funds wisely or simply splurging them on an ‘ego trip’? Shouldn’t the funds be put to better use elsewhere in the constituency?
wp low thia khiang business AHPETC contracts
From what I understand, Mr Low Thia Khiang might be using his own private company which specialize in printing Acrylic sheets and signage (refer to above picture) to make a huge profit out of these signs.
Editor's Note: This could be one of the many questionable expenses that led to the Town Council's operating deficit.

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