Saturday, 6 December 2014

Angry Aljunied Resident Confronts Chen Sao Mao

In the latest sign that the AHPETC could be on the verge of bankruptcy, Singapore General Elections 2016 received news that a frustrated Aljunied resident had confronted his Member of Parliament Chen Sao Mao during one of his walk-abouts.
Chen Sao Mao AHPETC S&CC
The long time resident and supporter of the Worker's Party had become angry as many basic amenities in Aljunied were not functioning and had not been repaired or replaced for months. This was despite repeated calls to the Town Council office and promises that the repairs would be done.
Independent witnesses to the confrontation which Singapore General Elections 2016 spoke to confirmed that a resident known in the area as "Ah Tan" had confronted Mr Chen and that the confrontation got heated. At one point, Mr Chen was overheard telling Mr Tan "if you are not happy with the way the Worker's Party is  running your town council, you are free to move out. The Worker's Party is fighting for democracy in Singapore and if you cannot suffer some inconveniences for that, than we don't want you in our estate."
After that exchanged, Mr Chen was quickly ushered away by his entourage. A short while later, a WP activists was seen trying to appease Mr Tan by explaining that Town Council funds were limited and that Mr Chen would see to the repairs once "the money came in."
Mr Tan was then overheard telling his friends that he was highly disappointed in the Mr Chen Sao Mao's comments and felt deeply hurt. He had voted for the Worker's Party as he believed that only the PAP acted high-handedly, but apparently the WP is no different.
Editor's Note: If you had witnessed the exchange, we want to hear from you.

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