Thursday, 27 November 2014

Demon-cratic Singapore Quits on the Worker's Party

In a recent post on his Facebook page, Leslie Chew, the author and man behind Demon-cratic Singapore has called it quits on the Worker's Party.
Demon-cratic Singapore betrayed by Worker's Party
Leslie, a strong supporter of Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim, expressed his great disappointment in how the two not only failed to reciprocate support for his cause, but turned on him instead. To Leslie, this was a bitter pill to swallow as this turn of events only reinforces the belief that Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim not only lack integrity, but also loyalty as they will do anything to further their own personal agendas.
The following is a reproduction of Leslie's post ......
"I started out making a comic regarding the blue party's latest battle with the white devils over the deficit accusation. When it was about half-done, I suddenly paused.
I began thinking that whenever they were being attacked, we have always examined the multiple angles of the accusations carefully so as to have a valid ground to defend them. Usually it is by pointing out the bigger pile of dirt in the white devils' own backyard, as well as their flawed logics.
But then, I recall that when my fellow citizen was being attacked by the white devils and accused of the "heckling" that now everyone with half a brain know never happened, 2 of them from the blue party didn't care enough to examine the facts carefully and instead, joined in to attack him. That event left a really bitter taste in my mouth and made me rather depressed for a couple of weeks. I started questioning why do I even bother doing what I am doing (helping to defend them).
The disappointment came not so much from the white devils' attacks as underhanded methods are expected from them. It comes from those who I considered to be "on the same side", and those who I have expended time and energy to help defend. And now that I think about it, where were they when I was being attacked? Perhaps I should be thankful that they didn't join in the attack when I was under fire?
So my question is, if you are my position, what would you do? Would you bother to continue working on this piece? Or would you rather spend your time and energy working on something else? If you have a moment, let me know your perspective. Thank you."
This is one more indication that the end of the Worker's Party is at hand. 

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